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iSwing™ - Golf Swing Analyzer

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Improve your game with Golf Swing Analysis.Available for Android, iPhone & iPod Touch. RECORD. ANALYZE. IMPROVE.Requires Android 2.2 or Higher.
iSwing™ allows you to self-diagnose your golf swing through frame-by-frame video analysis. It is equipped with easy and effective tools to spot your swing plane, tempo, head position and club alignment. With slow-motion replay & side-by-side comparison to PGA TOUR Pros, you'll see first hand why millions of users around the world turn to video swing analysis. Whether you're at the golf range or on the course, iSwing™ will be the 15th must-have for your bag.
TESTIMONIALS:"A lot of guys will be all over this..."- Ricky Fowler / PGA
"Quite possibly the best invention for mobile golfers..."- Golf Magazine Publications
"Great product. This will revolutionize the way we play golf."- Jake Montogue / PGA Professional
RECORD:• Recording length = 4.0 seconds• INSTANT Playback• Timer with 8, 12 & 14 seconds• 30 FPS Capture• Email Video (.mov)
ANALYZE:• Play, Back and Forward Buttons• Scrubber for enhanced playback• Slow motion speeds• Touch screen line drawing tools• Motion Echo• Loop/Repeat Playback• Flip & Enlarge Video• Move/Pan Tool
COMPARE:• Side-by-side mode• Tandem Playback Mode
DIARY:• Saved according to Date & Time• Send video via E-mail• Create titles for your swing
===== REQUIREMENTs ======- Requires 2.1 Operating System and Higher.
===== HELPFUL TIPS ======- Best if used in natural & bright sunlight.- When recording, maintain steady hands- Use the recording timer when recording solo or with partner- For optimal viewing, be sure set your Android brightness settings at 100%
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